What is Smart Home Customized Solution?

Smart Living Will Make Your Daily Lives More Efficient By Providing A Full System Enabling Home Monitoring, Security, Safety And Air Conditioning Management.

Smart Living Will Allow You To Manage Your System From Anywhere And Anytime From Your Phone, Tablet Or Computer. This Solution Will Provide You The Latest In Safety, Home Monitoring And Home Control. It Will Allow You To Manage Your System From Anywhere And At any time Using Your Phone, Tablet Or Computer.

This is Smart Home living at its fullest, where the possibilities are endless. Get Home Automation, Home Networking and Home IP CCTV – all built to work best for you and your home.

Customized Solution includes

  • Automation
  • Safety and security
  • Multi-Room Music System
  • Wi-Fi, Networking & IT 


  • The Building and Home system is adapted to the individual needs and requirements, allows to monitoring, controlling and synergistic work of all electrical equipment at home;
  • Fast, easy and non-invasive installation;
  • Fast, easy simple, foolproof;
  • Unbeatable user friendliness;
  • Safety, comfort, and convenience to the user;
  • Saving time, energy and money;
  • Eco-friendly lifestyle;
  • High Quality;
  • Innovative design;
  • Innovative unique functionality.
  • Extremely efficient hardware architecture = the fastest device of the type in the World;
  • Ultra low energy consumption;
  • Remote access via the web page or mobile phone;
  • Simple, user-friendly interface;
  • Fast and simple configuration;
  • Geolocalization – track Your family member Manageable users’ rights;
  • Various devices’ associations;
  • Conditioning scenes depending on whether or other, user-defined variables;
  • Advanced recovery system;
  • System backup is always saved on the attached pen drive, hidden in the casing;
  • History of events.


KNX is a universal supervisor for building automation that lets you manage all functions of your systems in your house and workspace.
The different aspects of home automation are handled through a simple and customizable interface that allows fluid interactions with systems using your Tablet, iPhone, Android or Windows Smartphone.
KNX is the smart way to transform building automation in a real advantage for the owner’s building granting to save on energy costs, to limit environmental impact and to improve building security and safety.


Since our Customized Solution is made to order, we laid out the process of creating it:

Step 1 – Send Drawing and Layout

Send Auto-CAD Drawing and your requirement if Possible

Step 2 – Visit and Appointment

Visit our showroom in Dubai Internet City and talk to Design Consultant about our Customized Solutions and see a live Demo.

Step 3 – Site Survey for existing Home

We’ll go through your needs and collect relevant technical info. This will take two hours or so.

Step 4 – Proposal

We’ll create a customized Smart Home proposal once we’ve completed the site survey and reviewed your requirements. This usually takes around 48 hours, depending on the complexity of the project.

Step 5 – Order

If you’re happy with the proposal, place the order for your customized Smart Home project. We can also change any aspect of the proposal.

Step 6 – Delivery and Installation

The work begins! This usually takes between two to four weeks.

Step 7 – Completion

Enjoy your new Smart Home!

Custom Smart Home projects can take as little as 36 days to complete. Since customized projects are unique, timeframes for delivery can vary.


  • Lighting Control
  • Dimming Regulation
  • Blinds/Curtain Control
  • Timer Base Control
  • Scene Management
  • Integrated control for audio/video systems
  • Integration of IP Cameras
  • AC & cooling management with weekly timer